IDA client saves up for her education

Asia’s Story

“A lot of people have difficult times getting into school due to the high expenses, so I think [joining the refugee savings program] is really a great thing to do. I recommend everyone who has difficulty facing, like, whether it is financial or something else, you can get help from the Isuroon program.”


The Refugee Savings Program has helped Asia save up $4,000 for her educational expenses. This means she earned a total of $8,000, which she says has lessened the burden on her family to help pay. She credits her success to the help of financial literacy training, which helped her learn to budget and to the help of her father who had helped pay her tuition expenses up until the program.

Asia is expected to graduate in May 2022 and complete her dual Masters degree in June 2023. She hopes to enter the field of epidemiology or another public health field.


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