Halal Food Assistance

Welcome to Isuroon Halal Food Assistance, a compassionate initiative founded in 2016 to support the East African community in Minneapolis. Originally tailored to this community, our food shelf expanded significantly post-COVID-19, becoming a crucial support system for many families. As pioneers of the first ethnic and community-led food shelf in Minnesota, Isuroon is committed to providing essential Halal food items to East African families in need, ensuring access to crucial sustenance during challenging times.


The Milestone

In recent years, Isuroon has extended its services to multiple locations, including the Highwood Hills school in St. Paul, in addition to its primary location at the Umatul Islam Center. These expansions have enabled the organization to better meet the needs of community members and ensure that everyone has access to Halal food, especially during challenging times.

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Isuroon has cultivated meaningful partnerships with more than 15 institutions across seven cities in Minnesota, including the Greater Twin Cities United Way, the City of Minneapolis, and Hennepin County. These collaborations have been instrumental in broadening the organization’s reach and enhancing the level of support provided to the community.

The Halal Food Shelf’s success is attributed to its community-oriented approach, with a focus on being led and funded by the community itself. Donors play a crucial role in keeping the shelves stocked with essential items, while volunteers ensure the efficient organization and distribution of food to those in need.


  • Dedicated efforts of the team, including staff members, donors, and volunteers
  • provision of sustenance, hope, and support during challenging times

Isuroon invites individuals to participate in its mission of ensuring that every family has access to Halal food and the necessary support to thrive. By working together, we can make a positive impact and contribute to the creation of a stronger, more resilient community. Thank you for supporting and trusting Isuroon’s Halal Food Shelf.

For more information, please contact the Food Shelf Coordinators at communications@isuroon.org.

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