Empowering Somali Women

Join our civic engagement movement

At Isuroon, we are dedicated to advocating for Somali women and girls to address various disparities and create a more inclusive and empowered community. Our bipartisan approach focuses on making policy changes to improve the upward mobility and well-being of Somali women.

Our initiatives aim to tackle disparities in:

Healthcare access

Education opportunities

Economic prosperity

Gender equality

Language barriers

Racism and religious intolerance

Isuroon Civic Engagement

Through our civic engagement and leadership programs, we offer support in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, internship and mentorship opportunities, citizenship education, and civic participation.

Join our movement to empower Somali women by signing up for our civic engagement training program. Stay informed, make a difference, and be part of the change.

Together, we can address disparities, create opportunities, and build a more inclusive and empowered community for all.

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