Volunteers are an essential part of our team and help make the work we do possible. Our volunteers support us in various program areas, as well as in the general operations of our every-day work.

Youth Program

Volunteers support the Youth Program Coordinator in facilitating and planning activities. This may include mentoring youth participants and helping them with homework.

Food Shelf 

Food Shelf volunteers help receive, organize, and distribute food to families. They also help ensure the facilities are clean and sanitized.

Campaigning & Organizing

Volunteers help organize campaigns, fundraisers, and events. This includes distributing flyers and other information via social media, communicating with donors, and creating marketing materials.

Administrative & Office Support 

Volunteers are responsible for supporting Isuroon’s administrative team in a variety of areas that help keep the smooth operations of our programs and services.

Legal Center 

Isuroon is always looking for volunteer attorneys to represent clients through legal advice, brief services and direct representation.

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